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EFT: What EFT Can Do for You?

If you’re here you’ve heard of that tapping thing called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. It seems weird that just by tapping on nine little points around your head and upper torso you would clear problems that have plagued you for months, years, lifetimes! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing with clients of all ages, backgrounds, needs, countries, since 2003. Yup, we’ve cleared public speaking phobias and other phobias, job and problem work situations, serious anxiety, chronic pain, symptoms of auto-immune illness, acute virus and cold issues, overwhelming grief and loss, self sabotage, couples troubles, just plain negative thinking, serious trauma from childhood sex assault, rape, and issues underlying and surrounding living with cancer, and more.

Do you identify with any of these questions? If so tapping may be for you.

  • Are you feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life? Are you ready to get unstuck– and take your foot off the brakes?
  • Experiencing chronic pain or symptoms from an auto-immune illness and not sure how to feel better?
  • Have you plateaued from an injury and the doctors say that there’s nothing more they can do for you?
  • Are you haunted by bad memories, early childhood trauma, or just your own negative thinking and not sure how to “get rid” of them?
  • Is there something that you really want to achieve but somehow can’t quite seem to make it happen?
  • Are you drowning in grief from a recent or long-ago loss and not quite able to “get on” with your life?

Tapping will take your foot off the brakes of your life. It can help resolve the emotional upsets, the negative self talk, the troubling beliefs, the fears, and the bad old upsets that may be inhibiting access to your own amazing inner resources (including your resilient immune system). Tapping is especially effective in situations like those described above. In my work as an EFT practitioner since 2003, I have seen hundreds of clients, and they have gotten results. I offer a money-back guarantee if you do not get results. Because I do not want to take your money otherwise. Really!

It is possible for you to have a good life and to feel good. You don’t have to be stuck a minute longer. EFT can help you open the doors to the possibility of hope, of the dreams that you have or once had…. in just about any area of your life.

Find out how tapping works for you. Contact Kathilyn or call 612 250 1968 for more information or to schedule a no-cost 15 minute experiential tapping session from anywhere in the world –Skype, phone, or in my Minneapolis office. Please note we are in central time here, one hour behind eastern.

Read more about how Emotional Freedom Techniques offers an easy, non-invasive opportunity for you to find relief from your challenges, experience more peace and well being, and live more fully into your potential.

Kathilyn Solomon is a certified EFT practitioner, cert-1 EFT, and has tested and received the EFT level 1 and EFT Advanced certificates, is also certified as an ACEP practitioner, AAMET Level 2 practitioner. She is currently revising a book under contract: EFT for Beginners!

Email me at or call 612 250 1968.

Kathilyn Solomon is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, conveniently located near Hwys 100 and 394. She works via phone, skype with clients from all over the world, and offers seminars, retreats, and targeted EFT workshops.

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