What Is EFT? A Bit About Tapping


Why EFT — Will Tapping Work for You?

EFT has roots that stretch all the way back 5000 or more years, to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Evidence suggests that acupuncture is not just an Eastern tradition. Various forms of acupuncture were used in Egypt, Ethiopia, and elsewhere throughout the world.

5000 Year Old Ice Man Body Had Pain Relief Acupuncture Points Tattoos

The discovery of an intact ancient frozen man, nicknamed “Fritz the Iceman,” in the Alps a few years back revealed more evidence of widespread acupuncture-like use in ancient times. Fritz the Iceman, whose skeleton was thousands of years old, had tattoos on his back and elsewhere on his body.

These tattoos correlated to acupuncture meridian points (tapping points!) for back pain relief and other types of pain relief. And guess what? Doctors examined him and found that he indeed did have back troubles (!) Coincidence? Hmmmm.

Tapping Is An Energy Medicine

Tapping is an energy medicine. There are many such therapies today — acupuncture, reiki, Qi Gong, TFT, REM, TAT, and so on. Energy medicine or therapy means that the holistic approach is working with the body’s subtle energy system…here’s what happens:

What you do is tap gently with your fingertips on 9 of the body’s natural stress-reducing points, otherwise known as acupuncture points. These are all points connected to your body’s energy pathways. When you tap on these points, you will be automatically flushing your body’s energy system. Tapping is non-invasive. It does not involve drugs. And it does not take more than a few minutes. It’s a natural, empowering, holistic approach to feeling better fast, in many cases.

EFT and Tapping Flush Your Body’s System

I know that to think that tapping just all by yourself on your body’s acupuncture points will relieve you of stress sounds weird, but think of getting a car getting an oil change. (I can’t believe I said that — I know next to nothing about cars — and barely recognize my own, let alone friends’ or families!) Okay, not the greatest analogy.  But work with me. You flush out the oil system and the car runs better. So why not flush out your own system and allow you to run better!

Why EFT for a Natural Health Approach?

But I still haven’t explained why tapping EFT …When you are tapping on these points that are activating the body’s energy system — wait a sec — don’t believe we are energetic beings? Well, it has been proven that we human beings are electrical beings. We conduct energy! OR perhaps energy conducts us. Think EKG. Think about getting a shock. Think about hands and fingers falling asleep. We are simply put electrical beings.

Okay. So you are flushing your system, but not with oil, but with Chi! Life Force! Universal Energy. The stuff of creation. Isn’t that just awesome? In Hebrew, the word for Chi is Ruakh. It means many things, including:

  • Wind
  • Spirit
  • Breath

EFT — Emotional Acupuncture?

In Sanskrit, the word is Prana. The point is, that with EFT, we are performing Emotional Acupuncture, acknowledging the cognitive issues, and talking to the self conscious, all at the same time. This multi-pronged approach has been known to achieve miraculous results!

  • We are tapping to unblock or allow our chi to flow freely throughout our body.
  • We are saying focused words about a problem, feeling, situation, memory, etc.
  • We are expressing some type of acceptance that we do have that particular trouble, issue.
  • We are also to my mind working on a quantum level.

How Does Tapping Change Your State of Being?

So, how does that make things change? With EFT, the idea is that all problems, whether emotional, physical, or performance based, are the result of what is called an energy disruption in the system. The concept in EFT is that the Cause of All Negative Emotions is a Disruption in the Body’s Energy System.

I will explain that above statement in more detail in another note. But for now, what you need to know to understnd this is that it isn’t what happens to us that makes us sick, troubled, angry, sad, judgmental, stuck, obsessive, and more. It’s what we do with what happens to us that causes us trouble.

Focus on One Issue at a Time & Clear It Out–Relief!

What EFT does, with all the movement, focusing on a specific incident or issue you are dealing with, is that it accesses the place that you in essence got stuck. Whether the incident happened 30 years ago, or just a few minutes ago. Targeted EFT on your specific incident will take you back into that particular memory, but in a way that allows for the original energy disruption to be released. Once you release that — in the form of the stuck emotion — E — energy — in Motion — your system is restored to balance. and you no longer feel upset about that particular issue. This is as simple as it gets.

EFT for Emotional, Physical, Performance Issues

I’m telling you I have worked with clients who have suffered with everything from disabling physical symptoms from serious disease, haunting bad memories relating to a murdered loved one, horrific childhoods, what I call bad parent syndrome, unreasonable irrational debilitating fears and phobias, deep, deep lack of security and self worth, cravings, binge-eating, all types of pain, and far, far more, and they have cleared their troubles. as a result of this simple process! Really.

Find Out More: Kathilyn Solomon 612 250 1968 / kathilyn@gmail.com

To find out more, while this website is under construction… I seem to have lost the one that I had that actually had some standing… but I tapped on the issue and get to start over again….Meantime, get in touch with me, Kathilyn, at kathilyn@gmail.com or 612 250 1968. You can call me. I am willing to schedule you for a no-cost 15 minute complementary EFT Consult.

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