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Book EFT Tapping Session — EFT Coach Kathilyn – Mpls, MN, Tapping NY, NY

Book by contacting or 612 250 1968.

90 minute (1.5 hours) EFT Tapping session — $150

60 minute (1 hour) EFT tapping session — $100

4 90 minute (1.5 hours) EFT tapping sessions — $550 (discounted $50; this must be paid in full and scheduled at the time of purchase and used within four months)*

4 60 minute (1 hour) EFT tapping sessions — $360 (discounted $40; this must be paid in full and scheduled and used within two months)*

10 90 minute (1.5 hours) EFT tapping sessions — $1400 (discounted $100; this must be scheduled and used within four months)*

10 60 minute (1 hour) EFT tapping sessions) — $930 (discounted $70; this must be scheduled within four months)*

*can be extended if need be present

Emergency Tapping Session of 1 or more hours — $150 hourly rate if I’m available.

Other: Personalized Retreat at area spa or private country setting — This is more intensive work in a shorter time period. We work over the course of one to three days, number of hours/sessions to be determined. This option also can include yoga, somatic movement, song, chanting, meditation, herbal teas, creative writing, drawing, coloring, etc. — depending on your needs/wants/goals once we discuss.

Book Free Consult — Required for all potential new clients. We need to see are we a good fit and I need to discern if your needs are within the scope of my practice.

This is 15-30 minutes in length, and I book time for these from 2-4 pm each Wednesday. The no-cost EFT tapping consults are by phone 612 250 1968 or by skype or zoom. Reach me at or phone me at 612 250 1968 to make an alternative time arrangement. If you receive my message machine, please share three good times that I can call you back. You can also text me.

See Events Page for Classes, Trainings, Tappers Groups, and more.

Buy EFT Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness.

Payment is required in advance to hold your space.

How to Start?
I recommend 4-6 sessions to start. We make good headway toward your goals, and you gain a solid understanding of how to tap and how to integrate it into your life.

My Guarantee to You: If you do not receive a noticeable shift regarding the event or targeted issue we focused on in our tapping eft session, you may ask for and receive your money back. This applies just once per client.

Tapping Paid by Insurance?
My services are not covered by insurance. You pay out of pocket. Clients report that my services seem to help them feel better — clients report experiencing long-lasting, permanent life-changing results they have not received through more conventional and other holistic means. How much value do you place on feeling better?

Once we chat in a brief 15 to 30 minute consultation that is free, and we settle on a time and date, you will receive an invoice from me via Paypal. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive an intake form, confidentiality form, and Skype number or directions to my office.

EFT Tapping Options for EFT Minnesota

    • Most popular is 8 to 10 sessions, once a week or biweekly
    • Book 1 90 minute session @  $150 USD
    • Book 4 90 minute sessions @ discount rate of $550 USD  (expires 2 months)
    • Book 4 60 minute sessions @ discount rate of $360 (expires 2 months)
    • Book 10 90 minute sessions @ discount rate of $1400 (expires 4 months)
    • Book 10 60 minute sessions @ discount rate of $930 (expires 4 months)
    • Need EFT tapping on the run? Book EFT tapping on demand in 20 minute increments (expires after 2 months)
    • Emergency tapping if available $150 hourly
    • Book EFT coaching and affirmations — simple regularly scheduled 5-15 minute tappings daily with Kathilyn to get up to speed —  must purchase a block of 7 5-15 minute tapping sessions over phone or skype at a regularly scheduled time
    • Book Kathilyn for speaking engagement on tapping and book signing
    • Book Kathilyn for group on targeted topic such as body acceptance, test anxiety, public speaking issues, therapeutic groups, etc.
    • Book Kathilyn for travel to your family’s home to work with you and your children
    • Contact or at  612 250 1968 if you have questions about tapping or to schedule a session. You can also Skype with me or meet me in person. we are in central standard time zone. Eastern is one hour ahead of us.

    *group package scheduling can be extended if need be present

    About 25% of clients may require just one session, or up to four. 75 percent of my clients work with me over many months or up to a year. They achieve their goals, whether that be resolving a deep-seated social phobia, an OCD issue, a relationship pattern, family of origin challenges, or a chronic physical issue, and we see each other less often on needs only basis. They then call me only when they need me for the stuff they can’t get through on their own. About 25 percent of my clients will need just a few sessions to resolve whatever the issue is they are facing. I can’t predict where you will be on that curve. Just know that persistence, faith, consistency, commitment all pays off.

    Please get in touch if you have questions. I offer (and require if you want to work with me) a no-cost 15 – 30 minute tapping consult for you to meet with me and discern whether we’re a good fit.  Since 2003, in my clinical EFT practice, I have seen people through fully resolving social phobias, public speaking anxiety, OCD behaviors, cravings and addictions, body confidence challenges, relationship challenges, from poor choices to spousal sex issues to any other troubled dynamic, helping people clear fears, resolve and clean up old haunting memories, including early childhood events, change difficult behaviors to positive ones, put an end to endless upsetting emotions, clear out the underlying causes of or emotional contributor to PTSD, get finally over the bad breakups and relationship troubles, stop blaming the parents and resolving family of origin issues and childhood yucky stuff,  auto-immune illness symptoms, chronic and acute pain, shame, blame, guilt, family of origin trauma, public speaking phobia and more. I work on the so-called tough cases (that’s what I was branded myself!) — and we get results~


    My new book, Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotoinal and Physical Pain and Illness, is now published by Llewellyn (Dec 9 2015) and available! My book is the only one that is available that details Gold Standard EFT, the technique developed by EFT founder Gary Craig.

    Click the link and peek inside.

    My Guarantee:

    1. You experience a shift in the 0 – 10 intensity rating per the event that we tap on.

    People often experience a shift in insight, or a cognitive shift, and they often feel much better physically. They may experience more vitality, a lightness or expansive feeling, a sense of well being and optimism.

    If you do not experience an emotional result or shift, and wish to have your money back, you must contact me within 5 days of our initial session. You may receive one refund. If you then choose to continue to work with me, no more refunds will be given. If you wish for me to refer you to another EFT tapping practitioner, I can also do that. I do appreciate your feedback as I aim to continually improve how I practice.


    Contact, or call me at 612 250 1968. Check out my new book on Amazon, called Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness, published in December 2015 by Llewellyn Worldwide. The guide contains more than 50 exercises that are easy to follow and that will help users know how to uncover what to tap on to get to the core of the issue, how to tap, and how to get specific and tap on aspects and details within the tapping process. The book makes it easy. It also includes several chapters on common challenges people face. Endorsed by EFT founding master Carol Look, EFT Tap-o-the-morning-dude Brad Yates, and many other illustrious tapping experts.