Kathilyn Bio

Life is like a river. And in my life, it appears I have two deep, wide, long Mississippi River interests, and a significant number of tributary interests. The two deep interests include:

Healing Arts
Writing Arts

Healing Arts:

1. Spring Forest Level 1 Qi Gong Training
2. The Reconnection (TR)
3. Global Somatics — Suzanne Rivers
4. Intuitive and Personal Development and Healing Touch — Renee Brown
5. Western Herbal Medicine — Matthew Wood, Pam Montgomery, and more
6. Thought Field Therapy — Jill Strunk
7. EFT Gary Craig, Tina Craig — includes: EFT Level 1, EFT Level Advanced (completion of the Dr. Pat Carrington tests, Cert – 1 EFT — emofree.com, ACEP ACAP EFT and ACP EFT, workshops include Masters Showcase, EFT for Serious Diseases, Etc)
8. Other EFT training organizations — AAMET International Advanced Practitioner nearly, EFT Universe)
8. Birthing/Pre, During, and Post Natal Support — ongoing
9. Handinhandparenting.org various parenting by connection courses
10. Ayurveda practices, including abyanga and other dosha balancing
11. Facial diagnosis
12. Healthy eating
13. Providing per request support how to synthesize holistic items such as massage, healing touch, crania-sacral, NRT, eating healthy, therapy, western medicine, tests, including saliva and live blood, prayer, spiritual, exercise, avyurvedic abyanga, routine, yoga, meditation, song, drums, dance, earth-based movement, interplay, handinhandparenting support, and more. This is not Gold Standard EFT. This is adjunct and supporting a program of EFT.

Writing and Editing:

Author, 8 books, editor, hundreds more

New Book Tapping Into Wellness by Kathilyn Solomon — Out December 8, 2015.
Anyone who purchases this book and posts a review on amazon or any other bookseller website by December 31, 2015 will receive a free live group call Q and A about tapping and the subjects in the book in early 2016 and possibly also a tapping link that goes into more detail about approaches to tapping with the various topics addressed in the book.



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1. My first published “work” was an essay when I was 10 years old in the Star and Tribune.
2. Poetry, essays, and short stories in junior high, high school, college
3. Writers House Literary Agency and Joan Daves Literary Agency — NYC
4. Random House for the late Pamela Stickler, SVP Ballantine, editor
5. Parachute Press, editor and writer and co-series developer for so many books, including, on occasion the Goosebumps.
6. Simon and Schuster, editor and line editor and writer, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Supermysteries, for Ann Greenberg
7. Bantam — author and writer of tons of cover copy and other publicity
8. Angel Entertainment (packager) — series co-creator for young readers, early chapter books, middle grade children’s series, young adult, and author of several books published by S&S and Bantam and others
9. Twentieth Century Fund — Think Tank liberal international editor
10. Macmillan — editor and author
11. Hadassah — communications specialist
12. Albert Einstein College of Medicine — Manager, Women’s Development Division — Marketing, communication, publicity, etc.
13. Many different newsletters, articles, magazine articles, blogs, and the like
14. …..