EFT Pain, Cold, & Autoimmune Relief

 EFT is the answer to many prayers for health and wellness.

Performed correctly, tapping is remarkably effective at relieving symptoms of physical problems, from runny noses, to pains in the neck, to genetic kidney disease, to cancer.  At the bottom of the page is a list of physical challenges that respond to EFT.

EFT works by getting at the drivers underlying the illness or physical symptom. Submerged emotional factors add a layer of complexity to any illness.

Tapping Troubled Feelings and Memories Often Brings Physical Relief

Clearing the unresolved emotions of a physical illness can often have a remarkable impact on the physical ailment. FYI, I speak from experience. In large part EFT played a key role in my full recovery from fibromyalgia that I lived with for 7 years.

Three Brief Case Studies Tapping on the Physical

1. Tapping on a 6 year old girl bedridden with fever and painful sore throat.

When I started tapping on her, what came up was missing mom, who had recently started back to work. We tapped not only on her physical symptoms, but on her missing mom symptoms.

One hour later, she was out playing outside, fully healthy. See my article on this.

2. A 50 year old woman Dana had inherited cystic kidney disease.

Dana’s numerous medications were giving her insomnia, restless body syndrome and now making her physically nauseous each time she ate.

Issues we tapped on included: all her thoughts, beliefs, feelings, including beliefs about herself, about not sleeping, her guilt at waking her husband and relying on her adult children, her anger at the doctors, her frustration with her mother for not understanding, her feelings of nausea, and more.

The very first time we tapped, she called me the next day because she had the first night of sleep in years.

After four sessions, she had relieved her symptoms of restless body syndrome, cleared her guilty feelings, was more at peace about the doctors, was off the medication that made her nauseous (because it had been for the restless leg and not sleeping!), and was able to eat without stomach upset again.

3. A business leader was having pains that would come and go. This had happened for decades.

The doctors could do nothing for him, except give him incredibly strong medication that totally conked him out. He came to my home office in Minneapolis for energy tapping (EFT) because he was desperate for a solution.

When we tapped, it became clear that the pain was related to stress and loss in his life. It got worse when he was in situations in which he had unresolved emotion, particularly in relationship to family, where he had been betrayed by his ex-spouse.

As we tapped on the incidents related to the betrayal, memories of loss from early childhood arose. After tapping these down with EFT, the pain vanished.

Tapping With Emotional Freedom Techniques Has Effectively Been Used

  • Relieve symptoms of cold, sore throats, flu, chronic bronchitis, lingering
  • viruses, and more
  • Relieve sore muscles, achy bones, varicose veins
  • Tap to resolve sluggish immune systems, and more
  • Tap on injuries that have plateaued
  • Tap pre and post surgery – for faster recovery
  • Tap for relief from chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, limes, and more
  • Tap on allergies, help reorient your body’s hyper-sensitive immune system
  • EFT for physical pains, including back pain, neck pain, lumbar spine,
  • Tap for physical shock, clearing trauma from accidents
  • Tap on physical trauma in children, including trauma of dog bite
  • Tap to clear repetitive motion syndrome, carpal tunnel pain
  • Tap for rotator cuff resolution, bulging discs, etc.
  • Tap on nausea from morning sickness or chemotherapy
  • Tap on hormonal issues
  • Tap on headaches
  • Tap on old injuries to clear remaining pain
  • Tap on symptoms of serious disease and genetically inherited illnesses
  • Tap on autism spectrum issues
  • Tap to improve metabolism, increase energy, breathe more fully
  • Tap on asthma and other breathing issues
  • Tap on the fears, sadnesses, griefs, etc involved w/serious illness

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Kathilyn is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From her office she works with clients in the Twin Cities and throughout the Midwest, including Wisconsin and Iowa. She regularly skypes with clients throughout the world.

Cert-1 EFT practitioner, AAMET Level 2 Practitioner, Member Practitioner ACEP, EFT Universe