• EFT Minnesota
    Kathilyn Solomon
  • Tap. Thrive. Transform.
  • EFT Minnesota
    Kathilyn Solomon
  • Tap. Thrive. Transform.
About Kat Tap
Kathilyn Solomon

Kathilyn Solomon


EFT Tapping Coach Since 2003

Reach me at kathilyn@gmail.com or 612 250 1968.

Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness is now published!  

See link to Amazon here

EFT/Tapping played a significant role in my complete recovery from fibromyalgia,

which is in part why I made the decision to share EFT with others, perhaps even you! 

   In the early 2000s, I was in so much physical pain I told the chiropractor that if I could not get rid of

this pain, I would like to die. Good thing that my body didn’t listen to me!

  Instead, I started listening to my body differently. I realized my beloved body was a treasure trove of

information, each piece of it useful in helping me resolve my symptoms of Fibro. I began to experience

a different relationship with my own body. Rather than saying I had a bad back, or that I needed to get

rid of this neck pain, or I hated how I looked or that I was bad at my body, I began smiling at my body,

loving my body, and being grateful that my body had so much information to share with me about my

own self!

   Meantime, I was introduced to EFT in 2000, about the time of my diagnosis with Fibromyalgia. I

began practicing professionally in 2004, and am certified through EFT founder Gary Craig’s original

certification methods, as a Cert-1 EFT Practitioner.  I also hold licensure or certification as AAMET

Practitioner 2, and at the practitioner level of  EFT Universe and ACEP, as well. I also have an

extensive background in other holistic healing methods, including plant wisdom, energy touch,

The Reconnection Therapy, Spring Forest Qi Gong, and more.


Contact EFT health and wellness practitioner at kathilyn@gmail.com or at 612 250 1968.

Feel free to ask me for references from clients and note that my work includes a money-back

guarantee if clients do not get results. Kathilyn Solomon offers EFT sessions via skype, in person,

over the phone, and targeted subject workshops and seminars. From her base in Minneapolis,

Minnesota, Kathy coaches clients from the Midwest, across the nation, and throughout

the world (central time).

Tap. Thrive. Transform.
Tap with Kat.

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  • Complete Sciatica Relief and Resolution of Mama Trauma in Three Sessions

    . . . My sciatica and nerve pain is completely gone! After tapping with you to clear that pain that had been dogging me for years.. . I never realized that I'd literally been holding that awful time with my mom in my butt. I took my first long walk pain-free in years. Bless you!
    Joan S.,
  • Thank you for being such a compassionate, intuitive, positive person to work with. Thank you for teaching me what you did during my EFT session. I love EFT!
    Dawn S.,
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