EFT Thoughts

There are so many paths to healing. EFT is one of many. I happen to like EFT a lot — understatement — but here’s what I find:

EFT is sort of like lifting up a heavy rock under which you have hidden something that you believe to be dark, dank, horrible and even mouldy, something that no one, not even you, should ever have to see, hear, feel, touch or even think about in this lifetime. …And EFT says, “Okay, we’re going to pry up that heavy rock. And you won’t even know exactly when the weight is suddenly lifted.”

You won’t believe it’s possible, maybe, to uncover and uplift that thing that has been buried, oh so long, you may not even know or think it’s still there, this unconscious piece, which is in fact driving your behavior, like it or not.

But time and time again, together, me and my clients, we do just that — and the relief, the peace, the joy, the self satisfaction, the re-innocence, the opening to life — happens unfolds, gloriously….

Whether they are transitioning through serious divorce trauma, overcoming hurdles to starting a new business, releasing early childhood physical abuse trauma, aiming to clear problems related to a chronic condition or to chronic pain, including fibro — and I did once have that, too, so I understand what that feels like, and what it’s like, to lose everything, and also to reclaim my life as my own …. — releasing binge eating, carbo and other addictive eating, drinking and other patterns, and far, far more.

Please get in touch with me if you have questions about EFt. Disclaimer, this website is sadly out of date. But soon, I know, soon, I will have it updated.

Meantime, know this: you can reach me quickly at kathilyn@gmail.com.

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