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Right now (September, 2012) I am offering a free 15-minute EFT phone consultation so that you can discern whether I am a good fit for you.

I will warn you in advance — when you work with me, you can expect change! Profound change in your life — for the better. 

Who do I work with? Who gets EFT results with me?

While I work with clients, including children and animals, on all types of issues, from weight release to abundance work to overcoming addictions, I have a special concentration of clients who are dealing with issues like these:


EFT to Resolve Trauma

I work with people who have experienced signiicant types of trauma in their lives, including as children. This may include physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. We clear the charge/intensity and the impact ripples out through just about every area of their lives. They come to me when they just can’t sort out why x, y, or z is going wrong in their present-day life, but have a thought that it may have something to do with the past….

Overnight Everything Changed 

My EFT work also involves individuals who have had the type of overnight experience that essentially changed everything in their lives. This may include the death of a child, the sudden loss of a spouse, the shock of divorce papers served, the loss of access to beloved children, the trauma of a car crash where there has been a loss of health, and other types of trauma that has had significanet impact.


I help people find their way back to themselves and to their new and better normal, so to speak. I am also part of the clinical EFT Vet STress Project — This means that if you as a VEt quality for the study, you will receive 6 free EFT sessions from me or another trained practitioner for PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).


Clear Pain Including Auto Immune Illness Symptoms

I mention this beacuse the majority of my clients are also dealing with some level of pain or illness. We often make the body-mind-spirit connection and as we unravel the other problems, the physical symptoms also begin to resolve.


Additionally, I have found that often in clients the illness is not really the base issue. It’s all the stuff around the illness.


For me, I used to have fibromyalgia, and that certainly was the case. I have worked successfully with clients to overcome chronic longterm pain associated with kidney illness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, neuropathy, idiopathic pain, and more. Relief from, for example, muscle pain, soft tissue injury, old injury, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, fatique, etc)

Out With Limiting Beliefs and Negative Voices

I work with a significant number of primarily women whose glorious essence is challenged by limiting beliefs, or old family of origin issues, or other subconscious formerly protective mechanisms that have prevented them from achieving their goals, in a couples relationship, in their professional lives, in their familial lives, in their entrepeneurial lives, etc.


This generally involves resolving early family of origin stuff… who knows what? We will find out! You don’t have to know when you come in. We will access what oyu need to know to clear it. That’s how I work.


And what you get in return — more of you, more health, more intimacy, more confidence, more knowingness and trusting in the highest you, so to speak. Especially with resolving family of origin patterns and problems my clients who deal with these then have been far more successful in living in the present-day, responding from a place of strength and connection, in their relationships, physical lives, business lives, and more. We’re all about flourishing in this business! 


I work with people resolving phobias, including water fear, heights fear, eleveator fear, spider fear, you name it fear and phobia.


The Wild Mind! 


When we allow our minds to run wild 24/7, well, they do just that, mine included! I work with people who have a little voice inside their head that is saying how “bad they are” what a “fraud they are” or how less than they are ocmpared to someone else. I seem to have a particular affinity to helping clients who are dealing with big shame issues and guilt. Honestly.


The way some of my clients used to talk about themselves before EFT — it was like they should be in prison they were so bad… until we helped them see how good they were! Serious! 


I trained with Gary Craig at workshops when he was still teaching (!) I am certified through his organization. EFT Level 1, EFT Level Advanced, EFT-Cert 1; through AAMET — EFT Practitioner Level 2 and through ACEP and EFT Universe. But mostly, I’m also trained through my own experience. The school of Kathilyn Solomon’s life. Tapping works! Profoundly. Works miracles. 


Also, just got signed to a contract to write a book on EFT! YAY!

I offer a money back guarantee on my work.


This rest below is older writing, from an older post, but if you want to reach me, do get in touch at kathilyn@gmail.com, or 612 250 1968. I also skype with people rom all over the world and also do retreats, where we work for a period of 2-5 days, with breaks and rests and rejuvenating things like massages and yummy healthy food and glorious country. Also teach EFT at all levels, including targeted EFT to massage therapists, hospice workers, physicians, etc. and to students who have test anxiety, groups delaing with healing issues, etc, and more.

I recommend 4-6 sessions, with fee sliding fee scale you are on the honor system — 140 – 100 dollars. Anything over 120 goes to pro bono work with clients who cannot yet afford to pay me a fee. I regularly work with clients at all levels of income, etc. 


Stay tuned for new website coming soon! 

This is because I believe that EFT will work. And in my practice, I have seen that this is the case. I work with individuals who are dealing with a wide range of issues, including:

Trauma.. all kind of trauma — from early childhood abuse, to loss of parent as child to adult-related trauma to surgical and accident trauma

Rhysical issues...all kinds– from chronic and acute pain to autoimmune illness to recovery from injury inclusive of sciatica, fibro, restless leg, carpal tunnel… and more

Relationship concerns... from parent-child…what i call bad mom syndrome, when parents think they are really harning their kids, to partner issues to clearing issues to intimacy.

Taking the business to the next level... covers everything from establishing your own business, getting a new job, bumping up your income, and more.

Career stuff…dealing with unreasonable (crazy) bosses, pressurized work situations, timelines that could make a grown man cry, decisions about what next, promotion issues, work-life balance, new mom return to work stuff and more

Kids… with separation anxiety, fear of tornados, fear of going to the bathroom after a bout of diahrea, wild and crazy tanrum, difficult reading, autism spectrum mainstreaming, self hate issues, harm issues, anger issues, divorce trauma, sibling rivalry, physical stuff including allergies and colds and sore throats, and more

Phobias….all kinds, from fear of going down the stairs to fear of water to fear of being attacked and dentist fear too

GRief and loss had a lot of experience here.

Core issues- you name it… it’s there

Issues unique to those with Jewish ancestry and also what some might consider karmic issues….

WEight issues including binge eating, secret eating, addiction eating, etc…

Clearing the stuff that you think you are going to be stuck with the rest of your life.. examples,

  • Every time you talk about the loss of your parent many years ago, you start to cry. It’s possible to love and have the memory without the grief.
  • You’ve been divorced now 7 years but still can’t bring yourself to say the name of the exspouse.
  • You run late and have done so all your life. Yes, clearable.
  • Can’t seem to get rid of the clutter. Also clearable.
  • Need to be silent in groups. Though you have so much to say. Clear able.
  • Fear of public speaking. Clearable.

I may not have the best website, and that is in no way a reflection of how I may be able to help you.

Skype. Phone. In office. Retreat. Groups. Targeted subjects. I will travel to you.

I do guarantee results or money back.

My rates are 80 to 120 dollars per 60 minute hour, USD. I work with people all over the US and the world. Central Standard Time. With re to my rates, I ask you to determine whether you have the income level and abundance in your life to pay 120 or 80. 20 dollars or more of the 120 goes to help pay for pro bono work I do on those who do not have the money — yet — to afford to pay for a session.

I regularly do pro bono work. One reason why is because guess what? I was once one of those individuals who did not have the money ot pay for sessions and many angels have helped me.

I believe that everyone will get the help they need on this earth in this lifetime. I will look into your eyes and I will tell you that you can do this. You can achieve this goal. You will overcome this problem. You know why I know? Because I did. and if I did, you surely can. We are all of us in this together.

Did you really get this far? Let me know if you did. It may encourage me to get moving on the website….tap tap tap. I love tapping!

PS the retreats are generally over weekends. I book or you book the locale. We work throughout the weekend, with breaks for downtime. It is really useful to have a chunk of time to work like this. Also, the country is always good to be in.

Questions? Answers! …. you just need to remember how you did it before…!

More to come…Kathilyn@gmail.com or skype: kathilyn or call 612 250 1968

You can also ask for references and I do have clients who are willing to share their stories, but maybe the best way to find out is to get in touch, because after all, i do really promise the guarantee.

Talk soon



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