Have Ho-Ho-Ho Round Holydays; Release Horror With EFT!

What Is It About Christmas That Causes Dread For Some Rather Than Joy? With EFT, It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.

How many people dread going home for the holidays?

 How many people are lonely and longing for family around the holidays?

How many daughters, sons, brothers, sisters revert to childhood when entering the family home again?  

Are you having this year's holiday at your in-laws and are uncertain how you will keep your temper under wraps when your mother-in-law starts indirectly sniping about how bad a parent you are and how she believes you unworthy of her son?

Does your family have no screens or TV at home and are you concerned about the nonstop TV that will be happening at your folks' and brother's house?

EFT (emotional freedom techniques or tapping) is especially helpful with releasing dystfunctional, unhappy family patterns. And once you know EFT you can always duck into a bathroom to tap tap tap when something upsets you!

Even if you have suffered through the unpleasant holiday experience as long as you can remember, it is possible to change that pattern into one that brings life, breath and joy into your holiday celebration.

Believe me, if you're miserable at the holidays because of what "someone else did or said," chances are they are no more happy than you are.

 If you are able to clear your intensity around your holiday experience through tapping, you may find that everyone around you is much more pleasant. 

This holiday season, give your spirit the gift of EFT BEFORE you celebrate Christmas. A single session of EFT can help you relieve a tremendous amount of anxiety, stress, anger, dread, guilt, what have you, so that you can feel truly excited about and be looking forward celebrating this very special time of year.

And did you know that I offer a money-back guarantee if a client does not get results?

Other kinds of issues that tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has cleared:

  • Are you the youngest in the family and each time you go home, everyone else beats up on you, even though you're a grown man with a family of your own? EFT can help you find the voice you thought you lost to put a stop to the abuse while being caring and at peace.

  • Are you worried about Dad drinking too much? EFT can help clear caretaking patterns that have lasted almost all of a person's life. What if you could enjoy yourself even if Dad was drunk and not feel like it was your business to make things right with the family.

  • Are you worried about Mother being in your face about x, y, or z? EFT will help you find ways to be firm but kind and keep mom out of your business while still enjoying her.
  • If your mother bringing that "loser of a second husband" to your celebration and you don't know how you're going to keep your cool? EFT will help you find peace — no matter what. 

I'm NOT saying that EFT will make the mother's second husband go away, or that it will stop dad from getting drunk. But  I AM saying that EFT can help you have a significant transformation around how you look and see the problem and allow you to release the anxiety or dread or anger and have peace around the situation, thus experiencing more life and joy. 

Do you want to learn more? I offer EFT sessions via SKYPE, phone and in-office. On occasion, I will travel to your home. I also regularly offer group classes or evenings on a specific EFT release topic.

Ask for Testimonials and I'll send you a list. 

Kathilyn@gmail.com or 612-250-1968. This website will soon be updated! I am excited about it. 

Kathilyn is a Cert-1 EFT practitioner, with EFT-level 1 and EFT-level Advanced certification, as well as a member of the ACEP, EFT universe and AAMET. She has studied holistic healing all her adult life. 

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